Crispy puffs: a magical recipe for a perfect dessert!

Puffs for coffee, or in the original oil “muffins”, are a perfect addition to any hospitality, especially when there are children around the table. They are easy to prepare, convenient to eat and you can add a variety of toppings to them that will enrich the taste and upgrade any treat. Let’s dive together into … קרא עוד

Oven baked salmon recipe: an easy and healthy recipe for a juicy dinner!

Salmon is one of the favorite foods of many, and for good reason. Rich in omega 3, proteins and vitamins, it is a central component of a healthy and balanced diet. When you add fresh vegetables to it, you get a colorful, nutritious and extremely tasty dish. In this article, we will dive deep into … קרא עוד

Perfect pizza recipe: tips and twists!

A pizza recipe is like magic in the hands of any food lover. The pizza, the favorite food of the World Cup, can be a spectacular culinary experience when it is prepared at home with flavors and textures that we choose ourselves. Making homemade pizza dough is a process that requires some time and patience, … קרא עוד

Cheesecake recipe

Cheesecake is a highly valued dish among pastry lovers. It combines the impressive sweetness of the cream, with the subtle bitterness of the dough, and offers a spectacular culinary experience. In this article, I will share with you selected recipes for a perfect cheesecake. Ingredients and method of preparation of cheesecake Ingredients: 1. 200 grams … קרא עוד

Biscuits cake recipe

On hot and summer days, when the craving for sweets increases, there is nothing like a light and delicious biscuit cake. It is suitable for any situation and any event, and the best thing about its preparation is that it is simple and fast. So if you are looking for a simple and delicious biscuit … קרא עוד

recipe for chocolate cake

Were you looking for a recipe for chocolate cake? The love for chocolate cake is a universal love. Each of us knows the wonderful feeling of a slice of sweet chocolate cake melting in the mouth. But do we all know how to make a perfect chocolate cake? In this article, I will provide you … קרא עוד