Shein coupon code is a worldwide retail website specializing in fashion, cosmetics and home goods. The store offers a wide variety of updated and modern items, suitable for different needs and a diverse clientele. Prices at are low compared to other fashion stores, and they offer international shipping to most countries. Since its inception, has gained great popularity thanks to its high-quality products and unique designs.

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Active coupon code for Shein

Here is our active coupon code for Shane, you can use the coupon without limitation, share, transfer to friends, and save you and those who want a lot of money in purchasing products, we wish you a pleasant shopping.

Coupon code: GO2BUY


How much discount do I get by entering a coupon code?

When a customer reaches his shopping cart before paying, he has the option to enter a coupon code, after entering a coupon code he will receive a discount ranging from 5% – 20%, this is a fixed coupon code that can be used without limitation.


Enter the coupon in the application / computer

When you finish selecting your products and reach the payment stage of your shopping cart, before paying you will have the option to enter a coupon code, you must copy and paste the code and click on “Apply”, after that the price will be updated with the discount of the coupon code, and you can continue to the payment stage, a video is attached which explains about entering a coupon code.


Shein partner program

Anyone who opens an account at Shine can register for the “partner program”, you receive a coupon code (like the one we pasted above), before you receive such a coupon code you must register with an external service provider that works with Shine, such a site is CJ.COM, when you register on the site you must fill in all your details, how you intend to advertise products (CJ is an external website that serves many companies in the world for affiliate programs), please note that the registration procedure takes approximately 30 minutes, you must pay attention to all the registration details, And of course it is necessary to upload tax information, so if you are not a company, consider skipping the Shane affiliate program.

A partial list of sample product categories


Fashion for women: dresses, shirts and blouses, underwear, swimwear, pajamas, costumes.

Men’s fashion: shirts, pants, hoodies and sweatshirts, swimwear, underwear, costumes.

Fashion for children: clothes for girls, clothes for boys, baby clothes, shoes, accessories.

Home: home textiles, decorations, bathroom products, kitchen products, bedroom products, office products.

Accessories: jewelry, bags, shoes, hats, glasses, underwear.

Cosmetics: makeup products, body care products, hair care products, mask sets, facial cleansing products, nail products.

Of course there are other categories and products, but it was important for us to give you examples of products that can be purchased.


Personal opinion on Shein / Shein

Personally, as a man, I did not get to shop at Shein, I did get to browse through the products for men and see very special things that are not available in Israel, in addition I also told myself that I would shop at Shein because I did see special things, in my conversations with women the opinion was divided into two reactions, the first reaction was that it was wonderful Prices, great service, and great quality for the money, a second opinion was that it is actually a purchase like in the market in Israel but cheaper, there is no doubt that I hear endlessly about the shopping website Shine, what would I recommend? Make a purchase at least once for a reasonable amount, and then make a decision whether it suits you or not.

financial costs

The costs are very cheap – it is important to remember the matter of customs, above an amount of $75 you will also pay customs, when you make a purchase you must make a purchase under the amount of $75, you must take into account the total amount at the end of the order, if the total amount exceeds $75 you must make a number orders.

Shipping to Israel

There are several types of delivery that can be chosen depending on the amount you have purchased, each buyer will make his own considerations as to which delivery method he prefers, of course the issue of delivery is a matter that mostly boils down to the need to know where the delivery is, do I want the delivery to reach my door (if I am not mobile, without a car ), the speed of delivery (do I need the purchase as soon as possible and I don’t have time to wait),