The complete guide – Google Adsense

Google AdSense is an advertising system of the Google company, which allows website owners to earn money from advertisements that appear on their website. With the help of Google AdSense, advertisers can publish advertisements on your site and when sending the surfers who click on the advertisement, Google will pay you money. The money paid from Google AdSense is based on the number of times the advertisement was viewed by the surfers (views) and of course on the number of clicks on the advertisement (clicks). The system allows website owners to minimize the effort that needs to be invested in selling products or services and instead focus on creating quality and interesting content for the target audience.

What is Google Adsense and how does the system work?

Google AdSense is a service provided by Google that allows web site owners to generate revenue by displaying sponsored ads on their site. The system works by coordinating between advertisers, who want to promote their products or services, and websites that offer advertising space. Google uses advanced technologies to match the ads to the site’s content and target audience, to increase the chance that users will click on the ads. When a user reads content on a website and clicks on an AdSense ad, the advertiser pays a certain amount for the click, and the website owner earns a portion of the revenue. The system works in a “pay per click” (Pay Per Click – PPC) model, and it provides an efficient and convenient way to monetize websites.


In the picture: an example of an AdSense account in Israel
In the picture: an example of an AdSense account in Israel

How to increase profits from Google AdSense?

  1. The placement of the advertisements: try to place the advertisements in effective locations on your website, so that they fit the target segment and are in a high and prominent place that is easy for surfers to refer to.
  2. Content elements: Your mission is to create quality and interesting content for the target audience. To increase your Google AdSense earnings, try to use correct and high value keywords to attract ads with established value.
  3. Site structure: Make sure your site is optimized for surfers and free of technical issues to ensure they stay on the site and look at the ads. Check the site speed and make sure that your site is optimized for mobile devices and computer devices.
  4. Ad format: Try to use common ad formats like display ads, personalized ads, ads coordinated with your content, link ads, etc. Remember that to maximize the potential of an ad, it needs to be well understood and presented.
  5. Website Promotion: Increase the target audience by promoting the website on various platforms such as social networks, forums and search engines. The more traffic your site receives, the more opportunities there are to discover and get clicks on advertisements.
  6. Track Statistics: Track your site’s statistics to understand which ads and formats offer the highest revenue. This will allow you to adjust your strategy to increase earnings from Google AdSense.
  7. Signup for direct advertising: Try to find direct advertisers to advertise on your site, to increase your income outside of Google AdSense. Also, try to help advertisers advertise additional products or services on your site.
  8. Add value to the target audience: The most important thing is to give your target audience actual value and create quality content that interests them. This can make the audience loyal to your brand and strengthen the bond between you. Additionally, a more loyal audience will result in increased traffic and income from Google AdSense.

How do I start using Google AdSense and start making money?

  1. Creating a Google AdSense account: Sign up for a Google AdSense account on the official Google AdSense website and fill out the appropriate form.
  2. Your site approval: Add your site to your Google AdSense account and wait for it to be approved. Make sure that the website complies with all the terms and conditions of Google AdSense.
  3. Placement of advertisements: Choose the type of advertisements you want to display on the site and place them in appropriate places on the site.
  4. Account security: All necessary measures must be taken to secure your account against illegal activity.
  5. Monitor the statistics: Monitor the site’s statistics to check which advertisements and formats offer the highest income and adjust the strategy accordingly.
  6. Professionalism: quality and professional content must be published on the site to attract a wider audience and make advertisements more effective.
  7. Integrating advertisements in a natural way: the advertisements should be integrated in a natural and integrative way with the content on your website, so that they will be seen as an integral part of the content and will be less disturbing to users.
  8. Follow the terms of use: Follow the Google AdSense terms of use to make sure you don’t violate them, and to ensure your account doesn’t get banned.
  9. Creating original content: Invest in creating original and interesting content, so that the audience will return and continue to stay on your website, thus increasing your income through Google AdSense advertisements.
  10. High-quality content: Make sure that the content on your website is high-quality and suitable for the target audience.

All these steps can help you start using Google AdSense and start making money through advertisements on your website. It is important to be careful and operate the system in the appropriate way to ensure that you do not damage your account and to make your income as optimal as possible.

What are the different ad formats I can use through Google AdSense?

Google AdSense offers a wide variety of ad formats that you can use on your website. The main formats include:

  1. Normal advertisements (Display Ads): simple image or text advertisements with a background of varying colors that appear in certain places on the site.
  2. Text Ads: simple text ads that appear on the sides of the site or in its center and include a title, description and link.
  3. Product Listing Ads: Ads that appear in search ads that lead to a specific product, with a picture, price and description.
  4. Video Ads: Video ads that appear on the site, and include short advertising video content.
  5. Ads at the top (Search and Leaderboard Ads): Ads that appear at the top of the page and within the search results, and include text, an image and a link.
  6. Carousel Ads: Ads that allow the user to navigate between several image or video ads using a horizontal carousel.
  7. Automatic advertisements (Auto Ads): a format that Google offers and it automatically places the advertisements according to automatic optimization.

Of course, these are only some of the examples, Google improves and upgrades over time, so it is possible that some of the examples given will be changed \ removed \ upgraded, and so on..

How can I prevent illegal activity with Google AdSense and ensure that my account will not be blocked?

To prevent illegal activity with Google AdSense and to ensure that your account is not blocked, the following must be done:

  1. Creating original and high-quality content: Make sure that the content on your website is original and suitable for the target audience, and avoid using content stolen from other sources.
  2. Monetization: Make sure that the advertisements that appear on your website are adapted to the content of the website and suitable for the target audience.
  3. Follow the terms of use: Follow the terms of use of Google AdSense and avoid going beyond them, so that your account will not be blocked.
  4. Affiliate Products: Make sure that the affiliate products you promote comply with the Google AdSense terms of use.
  5. Account security: All necessary measures must be taken to secure your account against illegal activity.
  6. Unauthorized activity: You must avoid activities that are not allowed with Google AdSense, such as buying clicks, sending fake traffic, etc.
  7. User support: Contact Google AdSense support and report illegal activity.

How much money can I earn with Google AdSense and how long will it take to get paid?

The amount that can be earned with Google AdSense depends on several factors, such as the number of page views, the type of ads, the theme of the website and more. On average, you can expect to earn between $0.01 and $5 for each ad click.

Also, to get paid from Google AdSense, you will need to reach the minimum payment threshold, which varies depending on your country and the currency you use. For example, in many countries, the minimum payment threshold is 100 US dollars.

Regarding payment time, Google AdSense pays at the end of each month after the cumulative amount exceeds your minimum payment threshold. Usually, the payment will be sent to your bank account within a few business days. But the payment time may vary depending on the country, the bank and the payment method you chose.

In conclusion, income from Google AdSense depends on several factors and it is not possible to guarantee how much money you will earn. However, the more views and clicks you have on an ad ad, the more money you will earn.

Is there a limit to the number of advertisements I can place on my website with Google AdSense?

Yes, there is a limit to the number of advertisements that can be placed on your website with Google AdSense. The terms of use of Google AdSense limit the number of advertising units that can be placed on each web page, and no more than 3 advertising units can be placed on each page.

Also, you should be careful because too many advertisements on one page may make readers think that your site is not trustworthy or that it is spam content. In addition, it is possible that this will harm the user experience and thus reduce the chance that the user will perform an action for your source of income (clicking on the advertisement, purchase, etc.).

In conclusion, you should pay attention to the terms of use of Google AdSense and not place too many advertisements on your site in order not to violate the terms and maintain a good and reliable user experience.

Are there terms and conditions on the types of content that can be published with Google AdSense?

Yes, there are terms and conditions on the types of content that can be published with Google AdSense. The Google AdSense terms of use specify content that is not suitable for advertising with the platform and ask AdSense users to refrain from publishing content that does not comply with Google’s advertising policy.

Here are some examples of content types to avoid publishing with Google AdSense:

  • Content that contains obscene or violent content, hateful content, pornographic content or explicit images.
  • Content that infringes copyright, such as unauthorized music or video content.
  • Political content or content that may cause dangerous activity, such as content that endangers public health or demonstrates support for terrorist activity.
  • Content that includes false or misleading information, such as disastrous advertising content or advertising content that invalidates the very products or services.

It is recommended to read the Google AdSense advertising policy to understand which types of content are suitable for advertising and which types of content should be avoided.

Google Adsense and its relationship to SEO (search engine optimization)

Of course, in order to be able to maximize our profits, if we are not in real places in organic searches on Google, and we do not generate visits to the website, how will AdSense actually help us? In order to maximize our profits the work on our website in any subject we will have to work hard on SEO (you can enter the link to understand what it is)

Understanding the Google AdSense policy and how to avoid blocks

Understanding the Google AdSense policy is essential for any advertiser or website owner who wants to use this platform for ad revenue. In order to avoid blocks, it is recommended to carefully read the service rules and content guidelines of Google AdSense. It is important to avoid posting copied, fake, copyright-infringing content or content that is considered provocative or inappropriate. You should also avoid using tactics that harm the user experience, such as sophisticated clicks or generating illegal traffic to the site. Being transparent and trustworthy can ensure that your account stays active and doesn’t get blocked by Google. You can read about it in the following link: click here

Integration of Google AdSense with other platforms such as YouTube or blogs

Google AdSense integration with other platforms such as YouTube or blogs refers to the process by which users can connect their Google AdSense advertising account to various digital platforms in order to generate advertising revenue.

In the case of YouTube, for example, content creators who have enough views and subscribers can enable the option to display advertisements on their videos. When these ads are displayed, they earn money according to Google AdSense principles, such as pay-per-click (PPC) or pay-per-thousand impressions (CPM).

In the case of blogs, blog owners can embed Google AdSense code on their blog pages to display targeted advertisements to readers. The income is also made here in the same way – according to clicks that the readers make on the advertisements or according to the number of shows.

The integration of Google AdSense with these platforms allows content creators to maximize the profits from the content they create and publish on the Internet, while taking advantage of Google’s ability to target advertisements to the relevant audience.

The effect of page loading speed on Google AdSense revenue

Page loading speed is a significant factor affecting revenue from Google AdSense ads. When web pages load quickly, users are less likely to leave the site out of frustration, thus increasing the likelihood of ad clicks. Pages that load slowly can lead to a lower ranking in Google’s search results, which reduces the amount of visitors and therefore also the income potential from AdSense. In other words, improving page loading speed can contribute to a better user experience, improving site control, and therefore also increasing advertising revenue.

Interface updates and new features in Google AdSense for 2023

In 2023, the Google AdSense system underwent some significant interface changes and added new features aimed at improving the user experience and increasing the efficiency of webmasters. The new interface offers more intuitive navigation and an updated design look that fits the new design trends of 2023. New features include improved ad targeting algorithms, advanced data analysis tools and custom reports, and more flexible site ad customization options. Support for new ad formats, such as video ads and reality-based ads, allows advertisers to reach audiences in new and creative ways. In addition, Google has implemented smart systems to detect and prevent counterfeiting, to maintain the reliability of the system and ensure that advertisers only pay for legitimate clicks.

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