Midjourney: The way to produce revolutionary AI-based images

About Midjourney – In our world that continues to accept artificial intelligence, there are many and varied ways to use AI in our daily lives. Midjourney is one of the AI ​​models that has gained popularity in recent months. From a simple user to a successful company can use this AI model with great results. Midjourney allows users to use its tool to create text-based images through artificial intelligence and AI


Start with Midjourney

All you need to get started with Midjourney is a Discord account and an artistic vision. It’s an easy-to-use platform that allows users to easily explore their creative visions.

Attached is a free training video for Midjourney – what will we learn in it?

How to register for Midgerani – How to write a basic prompt – How to upload an image to the prompt – How to define different proportions for graphics – How to change versions – What is SEED and how to use it and SAMESEED – What is the STYLIZE command and how to use it – What is the QUALITY command and how to use it – The NO command – what are weights in Midgerani and how are they used to give priority to certain elements – what is a remix and how to use it to edit the prompt – how to check our usage data – how to work on a private server.

Video tutorial for using Discord + Midjourney (video in Hebrew)

Important update! Midjourney no longer allows a free trial. This video was taken when the option was still open, currently as mentioned you must purchase a subscription to start creating images.

List of popular commands in Midgerani

  1. /faq
    Used to quickly create a link to the FAQ on the Midjourney Discord channel.
  2. /fast
    Change to fast mode.
  3. /help
    Presents useful information and tips about the Midjourney bot.
  4. /imagine
    Produces an image from a textual instruction.
  5. /info
    Displays information about your account and any pending or ongoing tasks.
  6. /stealth
    Change to hidden mode (only for Pro plan subscribers).
  7. /public
    Changes to public mode (only for Pro plan subscribers).
  8. /subscribe
    Generates a personal link to a user’s account page.
  9. /settings
    Displays and adjusts Midjourney bot settings.

Focusing on the aesthetics of painting


Midjourney focuses on creating art with a painterly aesthetic. Midjourney’s mission is not to create photorealistic images that can easily be taken as real photographs. Instead, Midjourney is programmed to give ordinary people tools to unleash their creative freedoms.


How Midjourney AI works


The team behind Midjourney that has been pretty quiet about the specific operation of their plan. However, there are certain that every AI model needs to function. For example, Midjourney uses continuous learning, active learning, transfer learning, and reinforcement learning to improve the reliability and decision-making capabilities of AI models.


Why Midjourney AI is important


Midjourney is one of the most popular AI image generators out there. In the last decade, interest in Midjourney has grown by 10,001%. Midgerani AI allows AI systems to adapt more easily to changing situations and increase accuracy. Various companies, from healthcare to finance, have been able to benefit from the improvement in the reliability and usability of AI systems.


Top uses of Midjourney


One of Midjourney’s leading uses is in the field of autonomous vehicles, which enable self-driving vehicles to navigate complex traffic situations, learn from experience on the road, and make better decisions quickly to avoid accidents. In healthcare, constant learning from new data is a key factor in AI models. AI can help healthcare providers improve patient outcomes.


Recommended websites and tools for inspiration and help in creating a prompt

MidJourney Styles and Keywords Reference – a site with a huge pool of ideas – names of artists, materials, types of lighting, objects, animals, colors, paintings, effects and more.

Midgerani’s official documentation – examples of writing prompts and arguments, even those that were not presented in the tutorial.

Thesaurus – Synonyms in English. This site is not necessarily related to Midgerani but can help to write a more detailed and accurate prompt.

Image 2 Prompt – an excellent tool for those who find it difficult to describe in words the graphics they want to create. You upload a picture to the site and an output comes out that includes a description of what you see in it.

Midjourney Styles Library – a huge library divided into categories of anime types, genres, techniques, painters, illustrators, photographers, architects, designers and more. A site full of inspiration for graphics in different styles.

Midjourney Prompt Helper – a site that will help you write a prompt according to arguments such as size, depth of field, styling, quality, version, and also according to the type of lighting, artists, colors, materials and more. After selecting the desired parameters, you will receive a prompt that you can copy exactly to the prompt line in Midjourney.

GPU Time – how to save working time